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About Our Bakery

Hana Crosby is the baker/owner of Crosby Bakery.
Hana was born and raised in Grand Marais. She has been baking all her life.
Hana started as a home baker. After years of success selling at local markets, she opened Crosby Bakery as a commercial wholesale bakery in 2019.

Perfecting classics from croissants to chocolate chip cookies, Hana is in constant motion and thrives on the momentum of the daily bakes.

The future is bright for Crosby Bakery.
The Crosby family is constructing a new building in downtown Grand Marais. When completed, Crosby Bakery will open its doors as a full-service retail bakery. Follow our progress on social media. 


Our Products

Crosby Bakery offers a variety of pastries, breads, desserts, bars, cookies, and cakes. Pastries are made from scratch with quality ingredients. Crosby Bakery is known for its flakey croissants, giant chewy cookies and moist carrot cake. 


Love bread? Sourdough is a natural yeast bread, slowly fermented for a rich flavor and chewy texture. Cranberry wild rice bread is another favorite, made with Minnesota grown wild rice. 

You can contact us for special orders or find our treats for sale at local businesses in Grand Marais.

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